Bikers Park – A dedication to the fallen Heroes

We bikers are passionate about riding and adventures, and the journey and the road alike. We love pursuing new roads in groups with other adventurous hearts, and while doing so, we do create a lot of pollution. We believe it is our responsibility to compensate for it to enable us to pursue our passion without any guilt or harm to our beloved planet.
#BikersPark is a tribute to nature by the Bikers, it’s our love letter to the roads we travel.

In 2018 WE The Road Queens, along with OROC and MotoGearheadz did plantations of 650 saplings in Niali and created our very first BikersPark. In 2019, in the aftermath of the devastating Pulawama attack where 40 soldiers were martyred, we created Bikers Park 2 and planted forty Gangashiuli plants to honor our martyred heroes, who like the gangashiuli flowers, spread their fragrance and greatness long after they’ve fallen.

In 2020, to thank the the heroes of our society – doctors and other healthcare workers- we created Bikers park- 3 as a tribute to Covid Warriors on National Doctors Day.

We also did Plantation in 2020 in loving memory of the brave martyrs of Galwan valley, as we believe that the souls of these heroes are captured by these trees that continue to serve the soil they’re on with every breath they take.

Hail the spirit of biking..Hail the spirit of Plantation

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