Get connected with Carey Griffiths this World Motorcycle Day

Carey Griffiths is the National President of IAM RoadSmart in New Zealand. IAM, the Institute of Advanced Motorists, is a charitable organisation that helps raise the standards of motorcycle riders and car drivers through one on one coaching. The parent organisation is IAM RoadSmart in the UK, and both organisations have been around over 60 years, Carey is a qualified observer (coach/mentor) for both motorcycles and cars.

Carey has ridden motorcycles for over 40 years and currently rides a BMW R1200GS. He has a strong interest in road safety, having previously been a Police officer for 30 years, with around 10 years involvement in road safety. After retiring from Police as National Road Policing Manager at the rank of superintendent, Carey went on to lead the development of New Zealand’s motorcycle safety strategy for the Motorcycle Safety Advisory Council and Accident Compensation Corporation. He now works as a manager for New Zealand’s Health and Safety regulator, WorkSafe New Zealand.

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