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Experience shared by Rider Josh, “A Great Respect to Everyone who Rides and I want to see many overland riders from India.

The very first thing we need to do is get the Carnet for our bike, to get the Carnet we need to send our bike pictures and Insurance copy and bike C book to WESTERN INDIAN AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION MUMBAI(WIAA), we need to do the security deposit which is refundable and it depends on the CC of your bike and model and year, and 5 pages carnet will be around 88500 rupees which is non-refundable only the security deposit which we do is refundable

HOW TO ENTER MYANMAR: to enter into Myanmar we don’t need carnet but we need to apply for the permit and escort vehicle and tour Guide is Mandatory, and we need to apply for the permit before 15 days and brother Zawmin is a wonderful tour guide and it takes around 4 nights and 5 days and it cost me 450 USD the more big group you have the less cost it is and this 450 includes your bike permit and your hotel stay and breakfast and entry tickets for sightseeing.

HOW TO ENTER TO THAILAND: for Thailand Also we don’t need carnet but Thailand govt made mandatory for all the foreign vehicles entering to Thailand need to have a permit from land Transport department which you cane make only through travel agencies and it will be going to cost you around 600$USD and to get this permit you need to send your international driving permit and your bike pictures your C book and they will do the rest and brother Thum is a very nice and trustworthy guy in Thailand to get the permits.

HOW TO ENTER TO MALAYSIA: To enter to Malaysia Carnet is Mandatory and before you enter into Malaysia at the Thailand border you need to make an Insurance for your bike which hardly cost around 2000 INR around 30$ and once you have done your Immigration you need to go to the customs office to stamp your carnet then from there you need to go to JP office to get ICP which is International circular Permit and without you will have a problem when you enter to Malaysia and Malaysia is one of the best countries for rider’s

HOW TO ENTER TO SINGAPORE: To enter to Singapore you need to park the bike in Malaysia border and take a bus and go to Singapore to stamp your carnet in Automobile Association of Singapore, and you need to take the Singapore Insurance as well and the Singapore Insurance will cost depending on your bike CC and your Age and after you did this you need to take ICP which is around 60$ then you need to come to the Malaysia Border take your bike and ride to Singapore. without stamping the carnet you can’t enter to Singapore like other borders you can’t stamp your carnet at Singapore checkpoint.

The total trip cost me Around 5 lacs two months 20000 KM 5 countries Including Laos and Cambodia.”

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