International Motorcycling Webinar: Haridass Logidasan

Haridass Logidasan is a passionate biker who lives in a town called Tanjung Malim which is located at Perak, Malaysia. He has been involved in biking activities for the past 15 years and currently owns two powerful bikes; Suzuki Hayabusa and Kawasaki GTR1400. Haridass who is an Occupation Safety and Health Officer by profession is a member of a Malaysian Biking Club called Falcon Riders. He is also the founder of GTR Indian Owners Group (GTRIOG). His main aim of forming this group is to gather as many Indian riders ad possible who rides the “Highway Beast” Kawasaki GTR so that they can share their experiences riding the bike and as well as sharing the technical knowledge of the bike.

As a rider Haridass has travelled all the way from Singapore to Thailand and has never failed to share his riding experience with young riders. He was awarded with a couple of rewards (Brotherhood Award and Committee & Charity Award) for his contributions in helping not only his club but also other clubs in organizing biking related events.

As an experience track rider, Haridass’ future plan is to organise road safety programs for young riders and the same time to set up a group of experience riders to advise and assist the fellow bikers in term of technical support and maintenance of big bikes.

Country: Malaysia

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