Top cycling accessories one should not MISS

Silhouette of a man on mountain-bike during sunset.

You have made a great choice during this COVID-19 lockdown to go out for cycling as your fitness mantra. Is good that you have locked on one option and bought a brand-new cycle to execute your resolution, but now the time is too look for what makes your cycling passion more SAFER.

Here we are going to talk about the accessories that you should look for before hitting the roads:

A Helmet, whether you race or not, you go on a high speed, or not; it’s important to invest in a good quality helmet for your ultimate SAFETY.

To gain a good visibility on the roads one must invest in Headlights and Taillights, opting for cycling apparels with reflectors will add up to your visibility, so be WISE.

Now once you and your beast, have geared up with good visibility it’s time to look for preparing yourself for any breakdown or unforeseen situations- so one should not miss puncher repair kit and a air pump. Lots of DIY videos are available on YouTube and trust me it feels confident if you can manage such situations yourself. And you never know, you could be a troubleshooter for anyone in absolute NEED.

The list is long, but these are the essential items one should not miss while defining their passion towards cycling. There are a lot of options to buy these accessories online, one may go for. Or stay tuned @TorqueTales to know best products available in market.

Till then keep the spirit high an go on for your fitness regime, you have chosen the right PATH.

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